Is Freelance Digital Marketing Legit?

Is Freelance Digital Marketing Legit

Ah, the freedom of a freelancer. It’s like a fantasy does it not? You’ll have more freedom, fewer bosses yelling at you, and the possibility to make more money. But is freelance digital marketing really as great as it sounds?

The Rise of Freelancing

Freelancing has seen a boom in the last few years. With the advent of the internet, individuals can work from any location and for anyone. With every gold rush, comes the question of credibility. Can you truly become wealthy — or at the very least earn an income that is comfortable by working for yourself?

What is Freelance Digital Marketing?

The Role of a Freelance Marketer

If you’re a freelance digital marketing professional is basically a one-person marketing department. You can be involved in everything from running advertisements and managing social media to enhancing sites for SEO.

Popular Digital Marketing Skills

Skills such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media management are especially in need. These abilities are not just buzzwords. They’re the basis of a successful online business.

What Does a Digital Marketing Freelancer Do?

Is Freelance Digital Marketing Legit

If you’re reading this, then may you ask yourself, “Is freelance digital marketing legit?” The answer is yes. Being a freelancer in digital marketing is an actual job.

In this way, you’ll be able to develop material for digital marketers to post on their sites which include blogs, websites, and social media pages.

You can create anything from blog posts or product descriptions to e-books or white papers.

Does Freelance Digital Marketing Pay Well?

A career as a marketer freelancer can pay very well. It is contingent on the amount of effort you invest in it.

Since you’re only paid for the content you write as well as the projects you finish Your pay is directly proportional to the output you produce.

In contrast to salary jobs that pay a salary, there is no limit on the amount you can earn.

According to ZipRecruiter, The average freelance writer earns $60,985 a year in the USA.

But, this number can differ dramatically based on the experience you have as well as how long you work and what you do in your field.

LinkedIn says that it’s not unusual for writer-on-demand to earn six-figure earnings.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that as freelancers as a freelancer, you are accountable for your personal taxes (including your self-employment tax) and health insurance as well as other benefits.

Also, you won’t get paid even if you are sick or away on vacation.

Advantages of Freelance Marketing


Imagine waking up with no alarm clock, and working at your favorite coffee shop. Freelancers typically have the freedom to create their own timetables.

Earning Potential

As opposed to salaried jobs it’s not a cap on your earnings. As you work on more tasks, the greater the number of projects that work on your work, the more you make. It’s that simple.

How to Get Started?

Building a Portfolio

Before you can attract clients, you’ll need evidence to demonstrate your expertise. A portfolio of success stories can be your key to the door.

Finding the Right Platform

There are numerous sites online that link freelancers to clients. Certain platforms are more effective than others, and picking the best one can make a huge difference.

Which Freelancing Site Is Best for Digital Marketing?

Utilizing an online marketing platform takes much of the hassle and risk of fraud out of the problem.

It allows you to focus on writing instead of billing, marketing, or collections.

If you pay a portion of your income, this platform will do everything for you, ensuring you have a regular supply of work and regular cash payouts.

The top platforms to work with are:

  1. Upwork
  2. Wellfound
  3. WriterAccess
  4. Crowd Content
  5. Scripted

Risks and Challenges

Is Freelance Digital Marketing Legit

Income Instability

On the other hand, it’s not always unicorns and rainbows. Some projects can be canceled, leaving you in financial straits.

Scams and Fake Clients

Have you heard about people being scammed on the internet? Yes, it occurs in freelancers as well. Be cautious when selecting clients.

Tips For Avoiding Online Scams as a Freelance Digital Marketer

Unfortunately, there are some opportunists who target freelancers, specifically people who are just beginning to get out of the business.

Below are just some red signals you’ll want to stay clear of to keep yourself from being “taken” by a scammer:

  1. Ask for a cash deposit in advance. It’s easy to be overly excited by the prospect of a new client while working for yourself. But, it’s a best practice to secure payment (or at a minimum, at a minimum, a deposit) prior to beginning work. This will not only help you avoid fraud but can also deter customers who aren’t serious about the work you write. Of course, it should be obvious that you should not pay for writing opportunities. This is a sure sign of fraud.
  2. Do not open attachments sent by potential clients. This should seem obvious but do not open attachments sent by people whom you do not know…and this is not just potential clients. Scammers who claim to be writing clients may send you an email, sending you their “proposal” as an attachment. Do not fall for it. When they are legitimate the sender will be more than happy to copy the details in the body of the email.
  3. Don’t write unpaid “test” projects. It’s okay for clients to an example from your work. You can provide them with samples, point them to work that you’ve published online as well and they can pay to read a sample. However, don’t give away your writing for free. Scammers may copy the piece and make it their own, then disappear and never hire you to write a paid article.

Boosting Your Digital Marketing Career With Wade Marketing

Wade Marketing offers a range of innovative programs tailored to support freelancers. Whether you’re seeking to expand your skill set or delve deeper into the world of digital marketing, our Digital Marketing Mentorship Program is the ideal choice. Alternatively, if you’re already well-versed in digital marketing and crave the camaraderie of fellow freelancers while exploring breathtaking global destinations, consider joining our digital nomad community, Nomad Cru. Lastly, if you’re contemplating a shift from the freelance lifestyle to job stacking, Wade Marketing is your go-to resource. While job stacking shares similarities with freelancing, the key distinction lies in earning paychecks rather than monthly retainer fees. Ultimately, Wade Marketing is a surefire way to take your digital marketing talents to the next level.


Then, is freelance digital marketing legitimate? Absolutely! It offers many opportunities and rewards if you’re prepared to take on the difficulties. Be aware that, as with every other job, it will have its peaks and valleys. If you have the right mindset and a platform such as Hoopdesk the freelance work you do can be rewarding and legitimate.

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