Who Is Zach Wade?

The short story is that Zach Wade is the founder and CEO of Wade Marketing, a digital marketing agency with a proven track record of boosting client visibility to the top. Wade Marketing offers high-quality paid ads, genuine organic traffic through SEO, gorgeous website design, and exceptional content creation services.

We specialize in complicated clients. We love to work with clients who have unique products or complex services, and they need help effectively communicating their offerings to their customer base.

For driven and ambitious digital marketing professionals, Wade Marketing offers a special program: the Independent Partnership Program. This program helps digital marketers regain control of their careers, bringing satisfaction and security into their situations.

Zach Wade’s Story.

Ready for the longer version? The start of Zach Wade’s story will be familiar to a lot of digital marketers. The outcome is more unusual.

Five years ago, Zach was at a digital marketing agency like any other. He had the typical problem: he was too good at his job. In response to his success, his employers loaded him up with more work – but without offering a corresponding bump in salary. Before he knew it, he was handling digital marketing responsibilities for 30+ clients, all for the same salary as an in-house marketer might earn.

He recognized it was a bad system for everyone. He was overworked and underpaid. His clients had no idea about the situation. The only group that benefited was the digital marketing agency, which was getting 30 times the revenue off the back of a single employee.

Things had to change. He interviewed for another job as an in-house digital marketer, and he got it.

He just didn’t quit his original job.

Instead, he found himself working two jobs – and then scaled up to more as he found he was capable of managing the workload. After all, if you’re already managing digital marketing for 30+ clients, what’s one more?

He told his colleagues about job stacking. He told his coworkers. To his surprise, many of them started job stacking as well. This is what inspired him to create the Independent Partnership Program. He knew that many freelance digital marketers could succeed beyond their wildest dreams – they just needed a helping hand to get started.

Ultimately, he wanted to do something bigger. He quit all his digital marketing agency jobs. He used the income from his job stacking to launch Wade Marketing. He wanted to create a digital marketing agency that would do it right. And he wanted to help as many ambitious self-starters succeed at job stacking, just like he had.

What’s Special About Wade Marketing?

Digital marketing agencies are flawed, but Zach Wade knew he could do a better job. Many digital marketing agencies have the same problem: they don’t value their employees. They don’t communicate transparently with clients. They obfuscate their results with jargon and meaningless reports. They offer a checklist of services instead of understanding what clients truly need to succeed.

Zach Wade knew Wade Marketing could be different. And he was excited to build a company that would solve those problems.

So many digital marketing agencies take advantage of their employees. Instead, we put our employees first. At Wade Marketing, our employees earn more money when they take on additional clients. We value our employees’ work because we know our clients do. As we grow, so do our employees – and vice versa.

We also manage our clients a little differently. Instead of trying to sell you on Service A and Service B, we have a fully consultative approach to working with our clients. We start with a discovery call to understand what your unique challenge is, and together, we craft a strategic plan to help your business thrive online.

We’re 100% remote and agile, with the flexibility to adapt to new clients and new problems at the drop of a hat.

Our communication system is, humbly, revolutionary. We want our clients to pay for what they’re getting: results. So we cut out the middleman and did away with account managers entirely. Instead, clients communicate directly with project managers who are doing the work.

And finally, we’re an ROI-first company. We earn money when you get the results you want. That’s how we succeed – together.

Where Will Wade Marketing Go Next?

Wade Marketing is growing fast with Zach at the helm. Today, we have 30+ fantastic employees and an ever-expanding roster of exciting clients. Not only that, but we’re growing our Independent Partnership Program, too. Today, we have more than 200 partners who are shaking things up in the job stacking world.

Next on our list? Beyond total world domination, we plan to continue expanding. As we grow, we can help more clients achieve the visibility they need to succeed online.

However, we plan to keep a few things the same. We will continue to prioritize our employees. We will keep giving our clients the very best solution to their problems, no matter how simple or complex it needs to be. And we’ll continue to help independent digital marketers grow their income and help a wider base of clients.

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